Early Childhood Opportunities (Ages 2 – 5)

The goal of Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood classes is to provide a rich and positive Christian environment that promotes each child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and moral growth.  We also support and strengthen our families as the most important influence in a child’s life.

We welcome children beginning at age two and older to grow in faith and learning in a loving and affordable atmosphere. If you have questions about the Early Childhood Program at Trinity Lutheran Ministries, please contact principal Wes Jones.

Mrs. Casey Shank

Mrs. Casey Shank

Teacher - Two Year Olds

Phone: (618) 656-7002
Email: click here

Mrs. Lori Wallace

Mrs. Lori Wallace

Teacher - Pre-Kindergarten

Phone: (618) 656-7002
Email: click here

Preschool – Age 2

This is an introduction to preschool that meets two mornings a week from 9am-11am. We have classes on Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday. Students who attend this class should be two by September 15th. If your child’s birthday is after September 15th, please meet with Mrs. Shank to discuss your options.

Classes start the week of Labor Day and continue through the beginning of May. We follow Trinity’s holiday calendar throughout the rest of the year. Students do not need to be potty-trained to attend this class.

In this class we work on socialization skills, fine and gross motor skills, following directions, and music and movement. We also work on shapes, colors, numbers, letters and letter sounds. We read stories, read Bible lessons, and incorporate prayer throughout our day. We play outside, use the gym, and use the Smart Board. We have center time which provides a chance for art projects, additional teaching of Bible lessons and literacy, science and math. We also work on fine motor skills.

We take three to four field trips a year for which we will need adult helpers. We also have color day parties and holiday parties. Parents/Grandparents are welcome during these times. We have other opportunities to help throughout the year. We usually have a small Christmas Program, and then we are a part of the large Preschool Program in the spring.

The teacher is Mrs. Casey Shank. She teaches this class with the help of a teacher’s aide. We have a minimum class size of eight students and a maximum class size of sixteen students. She has one aide for eight students and two aides for over thirteen students.

Please feel free to email her or call the school (656-7002) if you have any other questions. Your child will enter this class as a toddler and leave as a big preschooler!

Preschool – Age 3

Trinity Lutheran’s three year-old early childhood program is an active and fun introduction to the classroom setting for young children. Our school day is centered around activities that encourage social, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth. We have developed Trinity’s early childhood program so that your child will be successful in all areas of their school day. Our program will also help set the foundation for your child’s future success as a student.

The three year-old preschool program is designed for children who will be three by September 1. Parents have the option of choosing a program with sessions that meet three days a week or a program that features sessions two days a week. The three day program has morning sessions on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 8:00-11:00 am. The two day program has morning sessions on Tuesday/Thursday from 8:00-11:00 am. In this way Trinity is working to provide maximum flexibility for parents.

Preschool – Age 4

Welcome to the Trinity Lutheran PS4 class!  Preschool is in session weekly Monday through Thursday.  Trinity offers both morning and afternoon classes to best suit your family’s needs. The morning class meets from 8am-11am.

Trinity Lutheran Preschool students have the amazing opportunity to learn daily about Jesus!  Children also learn letters, shapes, and colors. Our students have the opportunity to participate in gym class, library visits, and chapel once a week.  Students also venture out on many field trips. Come join the learning and the fun!

Pre-Kindergarten – Age 4-5

Our Pre-Kindergarten classes at Trinity Lutheran offer a 5 day-a-week, half day program for children who are 4 and who will be 5 by mid-year. This offers a daily school experience for those children who have just missed the Kindergarten cut-off, or older 4 year-olds who would benefit from a 5 day program. It also benefits younger 5 year-olds who are not quite ready for an all day setting. The morning session is 8:00-11:00 am and the afternoon session is 11:45-2:45 pm.

Some curriculum skill areas we address are social, emotional, physical (small and large motor skills), language development, pre-reading, math concepts, aesthetics (music, drama, and art), and spiritual growth. We also have weekly experiences in gym activities, library, and chapel time. We extend our learning environment with field trips in the community: farms, businesses (fire station, dentist, animal hospital, and nursing homes), and parks. Throughout the Pre-Kindergarten year, we are working on skills that will prepare your child for a successful Kindergarten experience.

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