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Trinity Lutheran Ministries has a wide variety of opportunities for its members to get involved.  We would love to have you join us as we look to spread the Good News within our community at Trinity, as well as our community in the greater Edwardsville region. How can you help? Here are a few areas of the ministry that are in need of volunteers

Bus Driver

With your willingness to serve, you would be taught and trained.  This provides a wonderful opportunity and blessing to our members who would otherwise be homebound.  They are able to attend church services with their brothers and sisters in Christ and receive His gifts. 
Contact – Church Office, 656-2918 

Ushers and Greeters

Our ushers and our greeters our a happy smiling face that welcomes our members and guests to Trinity.  Contact – Church Office, 656-2918 

Altar Guild

 Help prepare the church for weekend services.  Assignments will be made based on your schedule.  Contact – Church Office, 656-2918 

Visit Members

Trinity has a team of visitors through our Ladies Aid.  Trinity has need of more women and also we are in great need of men too, who would like to visit with our members who are shut-in or at a local assisted living facility.  You would bring much joy to them with your presence and the knowledge that you care.  Pastor and the team would help you with these visits.
Contact – 

Welcome Table Staff

The Evagelism Board would welcome volunteers to help staff our Welcome Table at any of our church services.  We will teach you what to do and will share our guidelines.  We will then work with your schedule to assign you to a church service.  Contact – Karen Barringer,

Mom 2 Mom Sale Helper

These helpers do not have to give much of their time, this is a one day sale for three hours in the morning.  Casey Shank leads this effort and would walk you through which ever assisting job you would be assigned.  Jobs include assisting with registration, assisting with handing out of Trinity material to our shoppers, taking of payments and many other ways you can be of great assistance to this fundraiser/outreach. Contact – Casey Shank, 618-671-1174 


Use a computer and prepared slides to project the liturgy onto the large screens at the front of the church during services.  We will provide training and assign specific services based on your schedule.  Contact – Rachel Mertz, 618-980-7580

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