Today the March for Life takes place. It is a day that puts a spotlight on the looming shadow of legalized genocide, abortion. The right to take the life of an unborn child.

Today marks another anniversary among those of our past which Americans, in tragic reflection, will hopefully one day recognize as an evil we can do without. As Americans we passed laws to sterilize the poorest among us, blacks, and immigrants beginning in 1907, lasting until the mid 70s. We placed Japanese people in reservations because we feared them during WWII, uprooting them from their American livelihood and productivity. These two examples are only a speck of evil which have occurred in recent memory, forgetting not the abuse of life in the enslavement of blacks, which in many ways still goes on whenever abortion clinics pop up in their communities. Places like Planned Parenthood perpetuate their bottom line in the manipulation of those impoverished today and further the legacy of Margret Sanger as a racist who sought the rights of women at the expense of lesser women, both babies and minorities.

Today the arguments are made in favor of abortion with various red herrings, but none of them matters if one pivotal question is not answered: is the unborn human? Yes, the unborn are human, and yes it is the only initial question that matters! It is embryologically sound to call the unborn human, philosophically sound to argue their human nature, and yes even theologically evident that at least in Christianity to confess this truth. The unborn are human and deserve the intrinsic worth owed to them, not as a privilege granted or recovered but as a human and natural right.

Today many will oppose the right to life with smoke and mirrors, questions that seemingly have impossible answers. One of the most worthless arguments I hear must be channeled through childish logic. It goes something like this: if you believe abortion is wrong, why don’t you adopt them all? (think: if you love it so much why don’t you marry it? –childish right?) My response is this: do you believe homelessness is wrong? Why don’t you let them all stay at your house? The questions are leading and unhelpful–most anti-life rhetoric is. But the reality is this, there is a place for the unborn and for the homeless. I would hope the unborn would have life and we help at least the child’s mother sustain that life outside of the womb. Maybe adoption is the answer for some, but certainly murder cannot be the answer to our most precious and innocent among us. I would hope that mothers who have had abortions see their error and not double down but know the peace that comes with making the best of a tragic past. In Christianity, we call this confessing our sins and receiving an everlasting peace through the forgiveness of Christ. The reality of sin is everyone’s reality, and forgiveness is freely ours in Christ, no one is alone. By contrast, the homeless do not need to stay at our homes, though we can certainly bring them in if we wish. We can also provide safe and effective facilities and opportunities to sustain and nourish them without figuratively adopting them. It is the legacy of PP and the evil legislation of our American mistakes that would actually advocate the sterilization of such people and, in other countries, their termination either by food deprivation or murder.

Today I pray for the sake of all people, even the lives of those who oppose me, hate me, and yes even for those who if they had opportunity would murder me for confessing Christ. Today I stand with real women’s rights, for those girls in their mother’s wombs and their mothers who often feel they have no real choice but abortion. Today I stand with men who regret their cowardice to be a man with integrity and prevent the abortion of their children and those men who were stripped of their voice for life because they were only the father and not the child carrying mother. Today I stand for life in America, and I pray America will one day speak of a today that begins a new era of life unopposed by the deception of choice and the violence of abortion.

Today I ask the God to forgive my sin and pray that I may be renewed as a voice of truth, advocating for the lives of all his Son our Savior Jesus died for–which is all people.

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