The nominating committee is very busy trying to fill the ballot for Church officers and boards. If you have been asked to run for one of these positions, please give prayerful consideration for the opportunity to serve. It is helpful if you can make your decision quickly so the committee can complete the ballot in a timely manner. The first ballot must  be published on Nov. 13. The following is the list of needs to complete the ballot (the first digit is the number of candidates currently agreeing to run and the second is the total number needed for the ballot). President 1 of 2; Treasurer 1 of 2; Council Member at Large 1 of 5; Bd of Elders 5 of 6; Bd of Christian Schools 5 of 6; Bd of Parish Education 1 of 3; Bd of Regents 1 of 2; Bd of Stewardship 1 of 3; Bd of Evangelism 3 of 6; Bd of Church Property 2 of 5; Bd of Human Care Ministries 3 of 3; and MELHS Representative 1 of 2. If you are interested or know someone who is interested in any of these offices, call Eldon Martin at 288-5858 or anyone else on the committee (Scott Harding, Mark Harrison, Adam Born, or Teri Wagner).

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