Today is Call Day at the Seminary.  It is the day on which the fourth-year seminary students receive their calls into the office of the pastoral ministry.  This service is filled with rejoicing.  We rejoice with the students who have studied and have made their way through their seminary education and who desire to use their gifts to God’s glory.  We also rejoice because God continues to be faithful to His promise to send out workers into His fields to reap a bountiful harvest.

If you want to view this service (7 pm tonight) but cannot go to the Seminary tonight, you can watch it online. If you go to you will be able to watch the service and download a worship folder all from home.

This year you know of at least two people that will be receiving their calls, Adam Douthwaite and Aaron Boerst.  Both of these men have served as fieldworkers at Trinity.  We pray that the Lord’s peace be upon them and upon their families as they wait word on where the Lord has called them.

Also, this day services as vicarage placement day.  Ben Riley has received his placement.  We rejoice with him and Amy (his wife) and look forward to hear where he has been placed and how God will continue to grow them during his vicarage.

God’s blessings and His peace be with you all!

Pastor Shank